Nursery Team

Mrs Butler, Mrs McQuilling, Mrs Bosomworth (the children call her Mrs B!) and Mrs Sim. Mrs Raitano also works in nursery every Thursday.

Welcome to the Nursery page!

We will share with you some of the fun we have been having in Nursery as we have been learning and getting ready for school.

What have we been up to?


We love stories in Nursery and we have been working really hard learning some really great stories. So far this year we have worked on ‘Goldilocks and the Three Bears.’ Our next stories are going to be ‘The Three Little Pigs’ and ‘The Christmas Story.’

We love learning new stories and really love using role play to retell them. We are very good at learning the words and love dressing up to pretend to be the different characters. Every new story we learn, we change our areas in nursery to help us. We love our small world areas that we change to suit each of the different stories.


We love to sing number songs to help us learn our numbers. We count anything and everything in nursery too. It is important for us to be active as we learn as this helps us to remember.  We count our jumps/claps and even count during our PE lessons! You’d be surprised at how much counting you can get into one day!


We love learning about Jesus in nursery. We help to set up the prayer area, every day, ready for prayers. We sing songs to Jesus and even make up our own thank you prayers. We love taking part in mass too and are getting so good at listening to the stories of Jesus.

Being Busy

When we are not busy inside nursery, we love to be outside playing in our EYFS garden. We share our area with reception and have lots of fun playing there with them. They help us learn so much! 


YouTube Links

We use videos on YouTube to help in our teaching. Below are links to some of the videos we have used this year:

Goldilocks and the three bears –

Goldilocks and the three bears song –

The Three Little Pigs –

The Christmas Story –

Five Gingerbread Men –

Zero Superhero –

Counting down from 20 song –


Please click this link to view the EYFS Curriculum