Welcome to EYFS where you will meet Mrs Raitano, Mrs McNeill, Mrs Donnelly and Mrs McCabe, either indoors or outdoors teaching your children to be the best that they can be, come rain or shine!



Children in EYFS enjoy a range of Traditional Tales in ‘Talk for Writing’.  We have explored Goldilocks and the 3 Bears, by using a story map and making porridge, The 3 Little Pigs, The Nativity Story and we are now looking at The Gingerbread Man and can’t wait to make our own gingerbread.

“Mmm I like mammy bear’s porridge, it is very sweet of honey.” said Ava-Rose


Children have been counting, recognising and ordering from 0-20. We have also explored shape, measuring, patterns and sequencing.  Our new learning this term is to add together 2 quantities to make a new total.  The children will use the new Gingerbread Man café to help with their new skills.

“2 cookies on 1 plate and 5 cookies on another plate go on that plate and there are 7—I get it now” said Tyler


The children have been so busy exploring their faith through the topic ‘Ourselves’ they know that God loves them individually for who they are and he knows them by their name.  Celebrations have played a big part in the children’s learning, especially when they are           celebrated into God’s family through Baptism and our first trip was to St Peter’s church to Meet Cannon Loughlan, look round all areas of the church and role play a Baptism.

“He has blood on his hands and feet.” said Olivia

“Why do you think there is blood Olivia?” said Mrs McNeill

“Jesus died on the cross.” said Olivia

Snow Day

What an opportunity the children had to extend their winter learning when the snow arrived! The children wrapped up warm to  explore the change in temperature, the texture of their new surroundings and to create statues, patterns and trails in the snow. What fun making snowmen, sledge trails and giant footprints in our wellies, using new language; frosty, slushy, freezing, crunching, melting, fresh, minus zero temperature and chilly.

“Mrs McNeill, this snow is soft and fluffy!” said Afian.

IMG_7870 IMG_7848 IMG_7859 IMG_7866

Twelve parents took part in a highly successful arts and crafts session run by Adult Learning Services. The crafts were based around the popular book ‘Aliens Love Underpants’ and both parents and children enjoyed creating alien spaceships, martian headbands, glittery rockets and shooting stars. The session was extremely popular with both parents and children coming up with creative ideas for different decorations to add to their craft projects.

IMG_0309 IMG_0310 IMG_0311 IMG_0312 IMG_0313 IMG_0314 IMG_0315 IMG_0316 IMG_0317 IMG_0318 IMG_0319  IMG_0322 IMG_0323 IMG_0328 IMG_0329 IMG_0331 IMG_0332 IMG_0333  IMG_0308

Next week will involve a ‘dragon’ theme based around the popular children’s book ‘Zog’ by Julia Donaldson.

Anna Liddle – Arts & English Tutor