Autumn Term 2016/2017

Position Name Subject Leader
Academy Executive Head Teacher Mrs N Jamalizadeh  
Acting Head Teacher  Miss C.M. Nicholas Assessment for Learning
Teaching and Learning
Designated Safeguarding Lead
Acting Deputy Head Teacher (KS2) Mrs E. McCabe Special Educational Needs Coordinator
Teaching and Learning, Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead
Acting Assistant Head Teacher Mrs K Stammers Key Stage 1 Lead, Maths, Music
EYFS Team Leader Mrs H Adams EYFS Lead, Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead, 
Teachers Mrs R. Nestor Middle Leaders
Love and protect  
Child Protection Mrs N. Jamalizadeh
  Miss C. McNicholas (Designated Safeguarding Lead)
  Mrs E McCabe (DDSL)
  Mrs H. Adams (DDSL)
Healthy Schools Mrs S Butler
Health and Safety Mrs J Beida
Anti Bullying Ambassadors Mrs L. Westwood
Pastoral Care Mrs K. Kelly
Medical (First Aid) Mrs Ingoe, Mrs Wilson, Mrs Kelly Mrs Dye
Chaplaincy Mrs K. Kelly
Collective Worship Mrs R. Nestor
School Missionaries Mrs R. Nestor
British Values Mrs R. Nestor and Mrs E. McNeil
Children’s University Mrs E. McNeill
Literacy Miss H. Makin
Maths Mrs K. Stammers
Science Miss C. McNicholas and Mrs S. Torkamanzadeh
RE Mrs R. Nestor
ICT Mrs H. Adams
PE Mrs S. Butler, Mrs N. Exley and Mr L. Cain (shadow)
Music Mrs K. Stammers
History/Geography Mrs K. Raitano, Mr. L. Cain (to shadow)
PSHE Mrs Markley
MFL Miss L. Westwood
Library Mrs K. Raitano
Event Planning Mrs Exley and Mrs M. Wilson
Fruit stall Tracey Stebulitis
SMC Buddies Mrs E. McNeill
Sports Leaders Mrs S. Butler, Mrs N. Exley and Mr L. Cain