Head Teacher

Chair of LMB

Canon E. Gubbins

Mrs M. Woods

Mrs M. Larkin

Mrs J. Bieda

Mrs J. Mackin

Miss V. Maughan

Mr G. Walsh


Quorum:                3 (at least two non staff)


  • Finance Responsibilities:
  • to consider the budget allocation and make recommendations on the annual academy budget, to be approved by the Board of Directors;
  • to review the final outturn and how it will be spent
  • to monitor the school’s income, expenditure and projected outturn figures, comparing these against budget estimates and taking remedial action where necessary to ensure that expenditure does not exceed the funding available;
  • to inform the directors of any need for significant unplanned expenditure and discuss with them options for identifying available funding
  • to monitor and approve virements within limits stipulated in the Academy Trust’s finance regulations (Head Teacher up to £15,000, committee over £15,000 and up to £25,000, urgent decisions to be made by the Head Teacher with either Chair of LMB or Chair of committee, to be reported back to the committee)
  • to determine the Local Management Board’s Charging and Remissions policy;
  • to ensure the School Improvement Plan includes financial implications that link with the three year budget and annual budget plan ;
  • to review written descriptions of the financial systems and procedures annually;
  • to ensure that all necessary insurance is in place;
  • to ensure value for money in purchasing;
  • to report regularly to the Local Management Board on financial matters, giving up-to-date and accurate information;
  • to ensure annual management accounts are provided to the directors
  • to ensure proper procedures are in place for safeguarding of funds and that the requirements of the Academies Financial Handbook, supplemental funding agreement, relevant procurement regulations, recommendations of directors, the Diocesan Schools Service and Secretary of State are observed
  • to liaise with the pay committee on its recommendations on staff salaries;
  • to ensure the Local Management Board maintains a register of interests of governors and staff, particularly when financial gain may be made;
  • to ensure that the Local Management Board complies with Data Protection and Freedom of Information requirements;
  • to enter into contracts on behalf of the company insofar as they relate to the academy (written consent of directors required for and contract or expenditure for any single matter above 5% of the GAG allocated to the academy)
  • to review internal audit reports and the school’s internal review of financial controls and ensure recommendations are in place.


Staffing Responsibilities:


  • to ensure that all procedures relating to the recruitment, selection and appointment of staff are in place and that they are kept under annual review following any changes in legislation.
  • to determine the staffing levels and annual teaching staff establishment.
  • to determine the organisation and structure of staffing.
  • to determine, when vacancies arise, whether they are to be advertised
  • to receive reports from the Head Teacher on job descriptions and staff changes.
  • to ensure that staff are informed of employment conditions and issues
  • to monitor the programme of staff development and training and ensure that it is meeting the needs of the school and its staff.
  • to contribute towards the School Improvement Plan and monitor the implementation of the School Improvement Plan in the area of staffing.
  • to consider any individual requests for leave of absence if referred by the Head Teacher;
  • to ensure Safer Recruitment practices are followed and that arrangements are in place for safeguarding staff
  • to ensure consultation takes place with staff when required


The Local Management Board has delegated responsibility to the Head Teacher for all staffing appointments outside of the leadership group, but the Headteacher may involve governors at her discretion.

Premises / Health and Safety Responsibilities


  • to approve costs and arrangements for maintenance, repairs and redecoration within the budget allocation and the agreed financial limits;
  • to prioritise alteration and repair work for inclusion in the School Improvement Plan and to monitor implementation of the School Improvement Plan in the area of premises.
  • to ensure, in liaison with the Pupil Achievement and Wellbeing Committee, that an accessibility plan is in place and to monitor its implementation;
  • to develop a five year estate management strategy in conjunction with the directors
  • to ensure that the school complies with Health and Safety regulations and to undertake regular Health and Safety inspections of the school site;
  • to oversee the preparation and implementation of contracts in accordance with the Procurement Regulations
  • to consider any applications for use of school premises outside normal school hours, bearing in mind the agreed policy and the needs of the local community;
  • to receive, consider and make recommendations to the Local Management Board on matters relating to the shared management of premises.
  • to develop / promote links with parents and the community




 Mrs J. Miller

Mrs L Croce

Mrs M. Woods

Reserve:  Canon E Gubbins


Quorum: 3 for pay review matters, 2 for Head Teacher’s appraisal


Remit: Head Teacher Appraisal


  • to undertake the annual appraisal of the Headteacher, with support from an external adviser, and agree objectives for the year
  • to appoint the external adviser for the Head Teacher’s appraisal annually
  • to monitor performance against objectives during the year
  • to review performance against objectives at the end of the appraisal cycle with support from the external adviser
  • to discuss arrangements for leadership development and succession planning


Remit : Pay


The Pay Committee will have full delegated powers from the Local Management Board to take all decisions relating to pay in accordance with the approved Academy Trust pay policy

Specifically this will include:

(i)    Undertaking the annual review of teachers’ salaries, including the Head Teacher, Deputy Head Teacher and Assistant Head Teacher.

(ii)   Ensuring that the policy is applied equitably and consistently for all staff

(iii)  Ensuring that pay decisions are fair and equitable, link with the Academy Trust’s Appraisal policy and take account of the recommendations of the head teacher and where appropriate other members of the school leadership team.

(iv)  In accordance with the Academy Trust’s pay policy, determining appropriate pay ranges for all staff employed in the school, including allowances and temporary recruitment and retention payments where appropriate.

(v)   Reviewing  the school staffing structure specifically in respect to pay relativities of posts in the structure.  Maintaining an up to date staffing structure as an appendix to the pay policy.

(vi)  Recommending the annual pay budget, including pay progression to the Local Management Board.

(vii) Ensuring that external advice is sought where appropriate, particularly in respect of salary matters relating to the head teacher.

(viii)Ensuring accurate and up to date person specifications and job descriptions are maintained in school to inform pay decisions where necessary

(ix)  Ensuring annual pay statements are issued to all staff in accordance with the Academy Trust’s pay policy

(x)   Providing an annual report to the full Local Management Board summarising pay decisions and issues arising




(Subject to checking this remit against arrangements agreed in Academy Trust policy) Power is delegated to the Headteacher to make decisions about dismissal in relation to redundancy, disciplinary matters or capability, with support from the Chair of Governors.


Hearing Committee


3 available governors to be selected by the Chair, with the exception of anyone paid to work at the school

Quorum: 3



  • To hear cases under disciplinary and capability procedures where the member of staff in question is the Head Teacher or another member of the Leadership Group and to determine an appropriate course of action, which may include dismissal.
  • To hear cases under disciplinary or capability procedures for members of staff outside the Leadership Group in cases where the Head Teacher has prior involvement in the investigation and cannot, therefore, lead the hearing stage.
  • To make decisions in relation to redundancy and early retirement where the member of staff in question is the Head Teacher or a member of the Senior Leadership Team.
  • To hear any grievance against the Head Teacher at Stage 2 of the grievance procedure (The Chair of Governors would deal with such a grievance at Stage 1 of the process)


Staff Appeals Committee


3 available governors to be selected by the Chair, with the exception of anyone paid to work at the school

Quorum: 3




To hear any staffing appeals, including:

  • Appeals under disciplinary, capability, redundancy, early retirement or grievance procedures
  • Appeals against pay decisions, in accordance with the Academy Trust’s Pay Policy
  • Appeals under performance management procedures, including any appeal from the Head Teacher. (Performance management appeals are dealt with under the grievance procedure)




Head Teacher

Chair of LMB

Mrs L. Croce

Mrs M. Woods

Mrs M. Larkin

Mrs J. Mackin

Mrs V. Maughan

Mr G. Walsh


Quorum: 3



  • monitor and review the School Curriculum Policy.
  • review regularly each subject area’s curriculum and consider curriculum resourcing.
  • receive and consider curriculum documentation relating to whole school issues, e.g. Personal and Social Education assessment, Special Educational Needs etc.
  • monitor and review provision of sex education, religious education and collective worship.
  • liaise with Head Teacher over the preparation of the School Improvement Plan and specific policy statements as and when required.
  • monitor progress against the School Improvement Plan
  • set attainment targets for the school, in consultation with staff and in accordance with statutory requirements, and monitor progress against targets set, ensuring appropriate action is taken to achieve the agreed targets.
  • monitor end of year pupil attainment and progress data and regularly review progress of all children using internal tracking data throughout the year.
  • consider the content of the Self Evaluation Form (SEF), particularly in terms of the implications for the work of the Local Management Board
  • review and approve policy statements in accordance with the Policy Review Schedule.
  • make recommendations to the Local Management Board about general principles on pupil discipline.
  • monitor safeguarding arrangements, including child protection, E-safety and bullying
  • ensure the web-site content is up-to-date and meets statutory requirements
  • ensure, in liaison with the Resources Committee, that an accessibility plan is in place and to monitor its implementation;





Three people to be selected by the Chair as and when required. Head Teacher to be a member for the Admissions Committee only

Quorum: 3


Pupil Discipline

  • To review pupil exclusions as required and determine matters relating to the reinstatement of excluded pupils.



  • To ensure that the Academy Trust’s admissions policy is implemented within school
  • To consider applications for admission, where there may be grounds to refuse an admission



  • To hear individual appeals in accordance with the Local Management Board’s Complaints Procedure;
  • To make recommendations on policy as a result of complaints




RE – Canon E Gubbins

SMSC / British Values – Miss V Maughan and Mrs J. Mackin

Pupil Premium – Mr G. Walsh

Safeguarding – Mrs M. Larkin





Mrs N. Jamalizadeh (Head Teacher)                                9.10.15

Mrs J. Miller – Chair of Governors                                                4.2.10

Ms E. Welch (staff)                                                              9.12.10

Mrs J. Mackin                                                                        13.3.15

Claire McNicholas                                                               9.10.15

Jo Bieda                                       Summer 2015 (NSPCC online)




Resource Committee Attendance


24.02.16 18.05.16              
Mrs J. Miller / /              
Canon E.Gubbins X X              
Mrs M. Larkin / AC              
Miss V Maughan / /              
Mr G Walsh / AC              





Mrs M. Woods / X              
Mrs J Mackin AC /              


Mrs N. Jamalizadeh / /              
Ms J Bieda / /