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I’m Mrs Stammers and I teach the wonderful Y2S. We have already had a fantastic start to our school year and the children have been super busy.


Our RE topics this term have been ‘Books’, ‘Thanksgiving’ and ‘Opportunities’.


Children discussed the importance of special holy books, parts of the Bible retold the story of Jesus being baptised by John the Baptist. If you would like to remind yourself of this Bible story, please click on the link below.

Watch ‘Jesus is baptised by John on YouTube’


We were delighted to invite our parents in for our Stay and Pray linked to this topic. The children thoughtfully planned how we should gather, the scripture and hymns we should share and even made their own prayers of thanks.



During the season of Lent, we thought about all of the opportunities we have to do good things. We each made a promise and wrote it on a footstep to remind us of Jesus’ withdrawal into the desert for 40 days.



We learnt about what families do on Shabbat, the Jewish day of rest, and why this is important in Judaism. It reminded us of the story of creation and how God rested on the seventh day.


We love books in Y2S!


We have loved creating our own stories based on ‘The Dragon and the Phoenix’. Did you know that this story is based on The Bright Pearl, a Chinese folktale? Here is a video of some of the imitation stage of our Talk for Writing.


Staying in China, we researched and compared Beijing to London and created information pages so others could learn as much as we have.

Our next narrative, and one of my favourites, is Lost and Found. I won’t give too many clues about the story, but we’re definitely not in China anymore!


As part of our ‘From Pandas to Penguins’ topic, we began the year in a Chinese take-away. We had to calculate the total cost of meals, the different coins that people could pay with and the change they would be given.

We then explored the properties of 3D shapes by making them with marshmallows and cocktail sticks. The edges were the cocktail sticks, the marshmallows were the vertices and we used some objects to help us name the 2D shapes on the faces of the 3D shapes.


We’re now looking at fractions of shapes, objects and numbers.

Below are some useful websites to keep your skills sharp!


Brrrr! Ever wondered how polar bears keep warm in the treacherous Arctic conditions? We carried out an experiment to see if fat can keep us warm. Amazingly, we found that when our hand had a layer of fat we could hardly feel the ice. We think that having a thick layer of blubber is part of the reason why polar bears can survive in the Arctic.



We had such a wonderful time learning about and celebrating Chinese New Year in Y2S. As well as learning about the history of Chinese New Year and geography ofChina, we enjoyed a Chinese meal and made a Chinese paper drum.


Keep checking back to see the fascinating facts we have found about Roald Amundsen.


As part of our Chinese New Year celebration, we learned and played pentatonic melodies on glockenspiels. Pentatonic means that there was only five notes in the scale.


Parental Engagement

We love celebrating all of our fantastic achievements with our families and sometimes we even put them to the test! This term, our parents joined us for an Easter quiz. There was a RE, maths and literacy round before the children enjoyed an Easter craft with their adult.


British Values

Every week in school, we focus on a particular value that we are looking for. Children secretly vote for a peer who they think has been demonstrating the value and the the child with the most votes becomes our Citizen of the Week.

Here are our Citizens of the Week!


Home Projects

With Lost and Found being our class text, we had to imagine that we were lost in Antarctica and wanted to get home.

Children made vehicles out of recyclable objects with their families at home. Just look at these amazing creations!



Can you guess the autumn topic from our display?

The children used a range of materials creatively to respond to the song “What a Wonderful World’. You can listen to it here:



We had a beautiful Godly Play session to learn about how God created this wonderful world and the children have started to retell the Creation Story.

I wonder which day of creation is the most important?

Look at our liturgical dance to Psalm 139 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4IyaS-vy-Hs

As part of our Love and Protect topic, our scripture is “The Lord is my Shepherd”. This means that Jesus looks after us just like a shepherd looks after his sheep.

Here is our progress…



In Year 2, we try to use a range of punctuation correctly in our writing – even apostrophes! To help us, we became surgeons for the morning.


We have imitated the story of the ‘Tiger Who Came to Tea’ and invented our own amazing stories. We even made our own sandwiches and wrote invitations for a tea party with our family and guess who turned up?


We are now busy writing information pages on Mackenzie Thorpe. Just wait until you see our fantastic artwork!



Keep checking here and our SMC Facebook page to see what we get up to every day!


Pssst… if you want to keep busy at home, here are some links and videos of things we have been learning.

Maths games – http://www.topmarks.co.uk

Maths – www.bbc.co.uk/bitesize/ks1/maths

Verbs – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ineCCpqpZrM

Past tense rule – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jxl28KQOHy4

Countries of the UK – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ncqDJW4Ehm


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