Welcome to Y3C!

My name is Miss Crapper and we are a class of 19 wonderful children!

So far this year, we have travelled back in time to the STONE AGE! We began by learning all about how they lived and survived back then. We couldn’t believe that they didn’t have toilets! We had lots of discussion about how we would feel if we were living back then – no TV, no video games and no phones! Some of us just didn’t think we would be able to survive!

We studied The Stone Age Boy in English, where a young boy travels back in time and lives in the Stone Age. We learnt the story with actions, then changed it to write a story as a child from the Stone Age travelling into the future and living in our time. We finally wrote our very own adventure stories!

We have begun to realise that Miss Crapper loves doing drama as we have done loads of it this half term already! We have learned all about adopting the role of a character and practised our performing skills. In RE we have been learning about homes and families which led us on to the important theme – LOVE. In small groups we created short pieces of drama showing how we can show love to others at home and performed them to each other.



Keep checking back for more details of our Spring term or follow our Facebook page for regular updates on our days in school.


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