Welcome to Y3C!


In RE, we have been learning about different types of homes and families and looked at the Holy Family for inspiration and guidance. We thought about what we can do to make sure we are following the Holy Family’s guidance to make our homes happy and loving places.

We then moved on to look at promises and learnt all about Baptism, exploring what it means to be baptised, what the ceremony looks like and why people would want to be baptised. 


We studied The Stone Age Boy in English, where a young boy travels back in time and lives in the Stone Age. We learnt the story with actions, then changed it to write a story as a child from the Stone Age travelling into the future and living in our time. We finally wrote our very own adventure stories, which were fantastic!

We also really enjoyed writing instructions. We wrote instructions about how to make your own pizza – it was so much fun!


We are currently reading ‘The Worst Witch’ and we think it is a fantastic book! Every week we look forward to starting a new chapter to find out what happens next. We also have ‘Reading Buddies’ in Y3C, where we read with a partner for a couple of minutes every day. We love helping each other and sharing a story with a friend. 


So far this year, we have studied number and place value, addition and subtraction, multiplication and division. We have learnt many new ways to solve difficult calculations with bigger numbers. We really are brilliant mathematicians! Often we do practical activities to support our learning, where we can discuss, solve problems and explain our thinking.



So far this year, we have travelled back in time to the STONE AGE! We began by learning all about how they lived and survived back then. We were blown away by the way they lived and how they survived. We had lots of discussion about how we would feel if we were living back then – no TV, no video games and no phones! Some of us just did not think we would be able to survive! We also explored the changes as we moved through the Bronze Age and Iron Age.


Throughout this term, we have explored the topic of ‘Animals including humans’. This included learning all about the types of food we eat as well as what types of food and nutrients our body needs to be healthy. We also explored the human skeleton, learning about its function and the names of some of the important bones. Finally, we explored how muscles move and learnt the names of some of the important muscles. 

Art & DT

Linking in with our learning about the Stone Age, we have designed and created our own cave paintings. They are masterpieces! We used a range of resources, including pencils, chalk and paint, before choosing our favourite to make our final masterpiece. 



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