Miss Dowd Year 3 (Y3D)


Welcome to Y3D— Within our class all children have a voice and everyone is valued.  We respect and support each other on our spiritual and academic learning journey.  It is the children who create the colourful learning environment and together we engage in challenging and stimulating activities.


During the Autumn term Y3D have studied prehistoric Britain (Stone Age, – Iron Age) and The Vikings.  We had an archaeological dig in the classroom where children were able to unearth artefacts and make predictions about use.  In addition to studying lifestyle, travel and habitat, the children explored ways of communication (pre-written records).  They thoroughly enjoyed the creative elements of both topics: building dragon boats, mark making with paint, chalk and charcoal and constructing round houses out of natural resources.

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Our keen scientists have conducted experiments in accordance with the topics of rocks and light.   Practical investigations have included bread fossils, testing the properties of rocks, materials and finding patterns in the way that the size of shadows change.

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During the spring term Y3D English will focus on instructions and shape poems.  Local knowledge and human/physical geography will be taught under the title: Do all rivers flow into the sea?

Furthermore, the children will have plenty of opportunity to get mucky and develop their fitness through cross-country running.