Y4 Team

Mr Cain and Mrs Stebulitis


Welcome to the Year 4 page! We will share with you some of the fun things we have learnt about during Y4 so far.


What have we been up to?

We’ve thoroughly enjoyed learning about our topic, ‘Why Did the Romans Invade Britain?, it provided us with great opportunities to delve into our country’s interesting past. We have written stories and plays around this topic, as well as creating artefacts in our D&T lessons, such as Roman purses. We are currently working on our own nattative poems based on ‘Beowulf’ and the children have created some pretty ferocious monsters.


    The Rotten Romans

We loved this topic, we were lucky enough to have a Roman lady come into school to visit. We learnt lots of different things; from a day in the life of a soldier, to how the Roman towns survived and some of the legacies they left behind!


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