Hello! Welcome to Y4N’s page!

We have packed our first half term full of learning – and there is much more to come!

In RE, we have been looking at the topic ‘People’ exploring ‘Where do I come from?’, starting with our own family trees before looking at Jesus’ genealogy. We have loved exploring Jesus’ ancestors, such as Abraham, Jacob, Joseph (and his coat!) and Ruth.

In our next topic, ‘Called’, we will explore the call of Samuel and David, before looking at how Catholics are chosen and called by God through the sacrament of Confirmation.


Our ‘stories in historical settings’ topic has been extremely exciting, tying in with our Topic ‘Why did the Romans invade Britain’. Using the story ‘The Captive Celt’, we have story-mapped, analysed characters and explored ‘what if..?’ scenarios. We are now writing our own version, using the Y4 grammar skills we have been developing, especially applying fronted adverbials and rules of speech.

After this, we will be writing chronological reports about the digestive system, applying our skills to a non-narrative text.


In Y4, the place value, addition and subtraction focus is on 4-digit numbers, so we have been familiarising ourselves with ‘thousands’ and various problems applying this. Our focus times table has been the 8s. We getting pretty good at securing them by rote and now we’re testing ourselves in random order. In keeping with our Romans topic, we’ve been learning Roman numerals to 100 (C) and solving problems using these. Can you solve some of the problems our teacher set us?


LXV + VI =


In Science this term, we’re learning about the human body, the digestive system, food groups and food chains. Meanwhile, our topic is history-based, exploring the Roman invasion of Britain and the lasting impact of that – even here in the North East! In ICT, we will be using the Scratch app on iPads to do some coding, building up to using the full program online, next term. We are enjoying our weekly swimming lessons – it is the highlight of our week!


In addition to this, we’ve had a fabulous retreat day, inspired by St Oscar Romero, where we celebrated the theme of ‘Praise and Worship’ from our SMC Mission Statement. 


This is year is an exciting one for some of us, as we will be making our First Holy Communions in the summer. We have already started our catechesis preparation with Mrs Kelly and our families. Please keep us in your prayers.


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