Hello! Welcome to Y4N’s page

We’ve had an exciting, fun-packed year so far. Take a look at some of our learning…

We’ve been really focussed on exploring actions and symbols in our RE work, and we’re beginning to find out why these are used.

We’ve role-played Confirmation, explored how the life of a Christian is celebrated when they die and we’re currently looking at parts of the Mass.

In Literacy, our Autumn term looked at stories in historical settings and we used Terry Dreary’s ‘The Captive Celt’ to write our own story.

This term, we’ve been using the traditional poem ‘Beowulf’ to write our own story-poem to tell around the fire of the mead-hall. We’ve been creating our own kennings and story-mapping, in order to perfect our story-telling skills.

Our favourite Literacy Skill at the moment is Kung Fu punctuation. Some of us are ‘red belts’, especially for our speech sentences! Hiiiiiiiyyyyyyy!!


We’re currently looking at fractions in our Maths lessons.

We know we need to really know our time tables for these so we have had fun exploring our tables inside out and back to front!

We’re beginning to use Squeebles on the iPads to help us speed up our rapid recall. You can find it here (along with other fun learning apps to download): http://keystagefun.co.uk


Last term, our topic was ‘Why did the Romans Invade Britain?’ and on top of our class work, we had a visit from a Roman lady, Claudia, and a Roman feast, which we shared with our parents.

This term, we explored the Anglo-Saxons’ invasion in our topic ‘Who came after the Romans?’. We particularly enjoyed our ‘Get Creative’ homework project about the Saxon gods…

Next we’re going to be finding out ‘What Make the Earth Angry?’ and volcanic eruptions. Watch this space!

On top of all of our learning, we’ve enjoyed special days together exploring British Values and our school vision statement theme of Love and Protection. SMC is the place to be!

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