Y5L—Year 5, Mr Lovell.

Welcome to Year 5L’s page! As you see I’m Mr Lovell and I work, with the extremely capable hands of Mrs Ingoe, in one of our wonderful year 5 classes. This year we are already, and will continue, working extremely hard learning lots of new, interesting things about the world we live in and what has happened before us! As always, if you have any issues about anything, big or small, I would be happy to help. Please organise an appointment to come and see me.
Our topics this year are:
· ‘Who were the Tudor kings and queens?’
· ‘Where in the world….’
· ‘Where’s my mummy?’
So far, So good.
In the Autumn term we travelled back in time to the Tudor period—exploring everyday Tudor life, both good and bad! We studied how the Tudor period arose, who were the kings and queens and how everyday Tudors lived. Both the children and me agree that the best lesson of this topic was looking at the Tudor crime and punishment, we also agree that current punishments are much fairer! We were lucky enough to welcome in a visitor or a day, who helped us fully embrace Tudor life; teaching us all about being a rich or poor Tudor and how they would have lived.
In the up and coming half term, we are going to be deep in thought about ‘The Highwayman’. We are going to be studying: who the Highwayman was; what the problems he had were; and how they were solved. We are going to then use this idea to create our own poem to describe the problems on paradise island…..
Would you like to find out what the local community in 1680 had to say about the highwayman? Well look no further! We are also going to be creating our own newspaper reports, informing the local villagers, on the tale of the Highwayman’s true love!