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As you see I’m Mr Lovell and I work in our wonderful year 5 class. This year we are already, and will continue, working extremely hard learning lots of new, interesting things about the world we live in and what has happened before us! As always, if you have any issues about anything, big or small, I would be happy to help, please organise an appointment to come and see me. At the bottom of the page you will find links to the curriculum areas your children will be working hard to meet this year.

Our topics this year are:

  • ‘Who were the Tudor kings and queens?’
  • ‘Where in the world….’
  • ‘Where’s my mummy?’


Our RE focuses for this half term are ‘Ourselves’, ‘Life Choices’ and ‘hope’.


We discussed the big question ‘who am I’. Throughout the topic we have added greater knowledge to this question, adding more links to Christian teachings. We are now able to describe that we are all unique children of God, who all have a mission to spread the Good News. We are all able to discuss that although we are unique, we are all equal and in order to bring peace, we need to recognise and value this.

‘Life Choices’

During this topic we will explore that we are all called to follow a Christian mission, when we are baptised. When we are baptised we are called to follow in the footsteps of Jesus. We will explore the seven sacraments, focussing in particular the life choice of marriage and its importance to the Catholic church.


The children will explore the Christmas story, describing how Jesus brings hope to us all. We will explore the hope Jesus brings us through looking at paintings and hymns relevant to the Christmas and advent season.


So far this year, we have been working hard to explore successful criteria to the narrative genre, suspense stories. Having identified appropriate criteria for a good story we then innovated and invented our own pieces, some of which made it difficult for me to sleep! In this term will be working on composing: Non-chronological reports (reporting on an invented dragon) imagery poems (innovating James Reeves’ poem ‘The sea is a Hungry Dog) and a personal favourite of mine, narrative poetry, editing the work of Alfred Noyes, focussing on The Highwayman. 


In mathematics we have been focussing on our times tables, making sure that we can recall our multiplication facts, with rapid recall – you can support us with this, access https://www.topmarks.co.uk/maths-games/hit-the-button and compete with your child, nothing is better than a bit of healthy competition! We have also been working on place value, recognising the value of each number up to a million, knowing which numbers are bigger and why, working within a mastery context. For the remainder of the term, our focus will be on the four operations (+,-,X and ÷), again applying knowledge within a mastery context.


Our topic this term is ‘life cycles’. We have been investigating with the various parts that makes a flowering plant, recognising the features and why they are necessary for the plants reproduction. We also used our knowledge to recognise, once the plant is fertilised and the seeds are produced, how the seed is dispersed. To further this knowledge we will also be discovering the life cycle of a human, other mammals and other animal types, recognising how each animal type has different life cycles.  


In the Autumn term we travel back in time to the Tudor period—exploring everyday Tudor life, both good and bad! We will study how the Tudor period arose, who were the kings and queens and how everyday Tudors lived. We will also learn explore the Tudor methods for crime and punishment, deciding on which method is fairest – our system or the Tudor system. 

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