Mrs Exley Y5E


Welcome to Year 5E’s page.

We have now finished out Tudor topic and have begun ‘Where in the world’ which looks at aspects of British and world geography. We will be exploring this in more detail in science by describing the movement of the Earth and other planets as well as using the idea of the Earth’s rotation to explain day and night. After this, we will be waiting with anticipation to begin our Ancient Egyptian topic.


Autumn Term:

Year 5 were lucky enough to be visited by a lady who claimed to be from the Tudor times. She certainly looked like a Tudor, sounded like a Tudor and knew an awful lot about Tudors which she was able to tell us all about.  Some of year 5 even looked like Tudors at one point!

Later in the term, we also learnt a lot about Henry VIII his six wives and his fearsome daughters as well as the horrendous punishments they served to others for the silliest things!


We are currently writing narrative poems and learning to perform them with rhyme and rhythm.  Keep checking our web page to catch a glimpse of our performances soon!

We are also investigating materials in science and look forward to sharing our predictions and results of some of our wacky experiments.