Welcome to Y6!

Mrs McCabe and Miss Makin


Year 6 is an extremely busy and important time, in which our children prepare to achieve their full potential in their final year at SMC, through an exciting and engaging curriculum, before moving on to secondary school. Our annual residential to Kingswood is eagerly anticipated from the first day back in September and is a great treat after SATs!

Before leaving Year 6, we look back on our time at SMC, celebrating and sharing our talents and achievements through an end of year performance. Handkerchiefs at the ready!


See what we have been upto!

In the Autumn term, we travelled back in time to Ancient Greece – exploring Greek life and achievements. We also investigated their influence on the Western world. We welcomed in a visitor for a day, who helped us fully embrace Ancient Greek life through teaching us how to dress like an Athenian and fight like a Spartan!

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In November, we studied the poem ‘In Flanders’ Fields’ by John McCrae– a soldier who fought in WW1. We then created our own versions of the poem and invited our parents to listen to us perform them.

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We became super scientists when Mrs Makin and Mrs Gibbons came in to bring our learning to life! We learned all about the heart and the amazing work it does to keep us alive and healthy. To help us understand even more, we dissected an ox’s heart– it was huge! We also had the chance to dissect lambs’ hearts in our groups because they are the closest in size to our own.

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We developed our knowledge further by learning fascinating facts about the blood in our bodies. Did you know that blood is made up from a number of different components? Check out our pictures of the ‘blood’ we made (and then drank!) and ask us about what makes it so special!



Engineers of the future were discovered when Y6 went to St Peter’s to build a bridge. We had to work as a team to connect all of the right fixings to build a suspension bridge. We then had to test its safety by walking across it before returning to our roles within our teams to dismantle it.

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Coming Soon!

This term, we will investigate the ancient civilization of the Maya people and the Rainforest. We will look at the similarities and differences between ancient religions and the religions of today. We will locate cities, investigate cultures, explore Fairtrade and cook up a storm with some traditional Mexican delicacies!