Welcome to Year 5E!

Year 5E is full of exciting and interesting learning opportunities alongside having lots of fun!  We embrace any challenge set for us and aim to push ourselves, out of our comfort zone, to make sure we achieve our full potential.  We work together as a team – supporting one another in our learning so that each one of us can be the best that we can be!  Please find our curriculum links below.


In RE, we have been answering the question, ‘Who am I?’  After exploring our own skills, talents and qualities and those of our friends, we learnt that it is those gifts from God, which make us who we are. We researched inspirational people who have used their qualities to serve others and therefore serve God.  One particularly special person we found out about was Maximillian Kolbe, who sacrificed his life to save another.  We also compared the love we receive from our parents to that which we receive from God, and concluded that he is very much a loving parent to each one of us!  Our next topic is all about Baptism and Confirmation, from which we gain a sense of belonging. We will also learn about the Sacrament of Marriage and why we choose to love and serve another. This will then take us to one of our favourite topics in RE, Advent and showing love.


Our Topic this term is, ‘Who were the Tudors and their Queens?’  We are finding out all about when the Tudor period took place, how it came about and what life was like in Tudor times: for both the rich and the poor.  We have been both shocked and horrified to discover how royalty treat their own family and are soon to discover how the rich treat the poor as well as the terrifying punishments they endured! 

ART and DT

 Our Art and Design is very much linked to our topic work and during autumn, as well as learning new skills and techniques, we have even been creating beautiful tapestries of the Tudor Rose and portraits of the Tudor royals.


In our Science lessons, we have been learning all about Living Things and their Habitats. We looked at the life processes of a plants and discovered that they have both female and male parts.   We have also learnt all about the miracles of pollination and fertilisation. We had lots of fun dissecting flowers so that we could see where each process takes place.  We loved finding out about the different ways a seed is dispersed, especially the sycamore seed, which we enjoyed spinning like a helicopter blade. Towards the end of the year, we will be describing the changes in humans as they develop to old age.


In our literacy (consisting of punctuation, spelling, handwriting and grammar as well as writing) we have been working so hard!  We have done lots of work around a suspense story called Staying Out.  Learning the text and language features was made both fun and easy by putting actions to them: Pie Corbett style!  We then put a real focus on incorporating our punctuation skills and grammar work on adjectives and verbs together with the fabulous ideas and creativity we have, to write our own versions – which are well-worthy of publication. We are now working on non-chronological reports changing a unicorn report into a factual and interesting report on dragons!


Place value is so important in understanding maths and our class have been ensuring that this crucial stage in the learning process has been embedded and consolidated. We have been successfully identifying and representing numbers in difference contexts, as well ordering and comparing decimals.  We are also continuing to put all our efforts into becoming experts at our multiplication and division facts as we know that learning our times tables is an integral part of becoming masters of maths.


This term, we have joined year six to develop our skills in Tag Rugby. There has been a real focus on teamwork so far this term and we have enjoyed taking part in competitive house team games to practise the skills that we have learnt.  We are looking forward to developing our hockey skills next.


Our first Stay and Pray of the year will be on Thursday 25th October at 2.45pm. It will be lovely if you could join us for our class worship.


Our first parental engagement will take place on Monday 10th December at 9.10am where we will be challenging your creativity in making Christmas decorations Tudor style!  It should be lots of fun!


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