Welcome to Year 6!

Year 6 is a very exciting year, we are always very busy and work very hard! There are lots of opportunities for exciting and interesting learning, but most of all it is fun! We make sure we embrace every day in Year 6, we take on any challenge set for us and aim to push ourselves out of our comfort zone to make sure we achieve our full potential. Most importantly – we are a team! We work together to be the best that we can be. Year 6 is a special place to be and we love it!


This is us choosing our House Captains for the year ahead!


Our Topic this term is ‘What did the Ancient Greeks do for us?’. We are finding out all about where Greece is in the world, what life was like in Ancient Greece and how the Greeks have impacted on our lives today. We have even made our own Greek pots from clay!


From clay pieces to clay pots!


In our Science lessons we have been learning all about Evolution and Inheritance. We are discovering what characteristics we have inherited from our parents, how plants and animals have adapted over time to suit their environment and the importance of the theory of Evolution beginning with how our favourite biscuits evolved!

Learning to categorise the characteristics of sweets!

Image result for heart png

We have also been learning all about the heart and were lucky enough to be visited by a secondary science teacher who brought along hearts for us to dissect and explore! Some of us even made blood smoothies which helped us to learn about the different components of blood and what gives blood its red colour. Luckily, in the smoothies it was the strawberries representing the red blood cells!

Essential smoothie ingredients…

We are also Wonderful Writers! So far this year, we have written persuasive adverts to advertise holidays to Greece; flashback stories; Ancient Greek myths and balanced arguments. As you can see, we love to learn text and language features of each new genre by putting actions to them: Pie Corbett style!

Talk4Writing in action…